Wicked Monkey at NY Comic Con 2021


BOOTH #2857


 Baby, we're Comic Con bound!


Visit our booth (#2857) at NY Comic Con (Oct 7-10) for choice graded slabs, brand-new swag for NY Comic Con, exclusives, and artists! David Mack, Zu Orzu, Gerald Parel and Casey Parsons of Kirby's Comic Art will all be at our booth ready for signings and other events.


Comic Con specials at our booth this year:

  • Booth Signing Schedule
    David Mack - Saturday & Sunday at 1-1:30 pm.
    Zu Orzu - Full Days 
    Casey Parsons - Full Days
    J.M. Brandt - 1-2 pm every day
    *Gerald Parel - Not attending, but still available for signatures and remarques
  • Exclusive! Get your raw comic books signed by the artists:
    $110 for CGC Signature Series from David Mack, Gerald Parel, or Zu Orzu.
    $100 for a CGC Signature Series from Casey Parsons.
    *Please note we will open your slab in order to have it signed and will take the highest level of caution and care when having it re-slabbed, but cannot guarantee that it will retain the same grade level.
  • Remarques (only offered in-person at Comic Con)
    David Mack:
    $50 - on books
    Zu Orzu:
    $50 - on books
    $250 - (A4 size blank cover)
    Gerald Parel:
    $50 - on books
    $250 - quick single character ink (A4 size on blank cover)
    $500 - single character ink illustration (A4 size on blank cover)
    Casey Parsons:

    $50 - on books
    $100 - quick sketch (9x12 blank cover)
    $200 - ink torso (9x12 blank cover)
    $300 - painted torso in color (9x12 blank cover)
    $300 - single character in ink (11x17 blank cover)
    $400 - single character color painting (11x17 blank cover)
  • David Mack, Zu Orzu and Gerald Parel have each created an have exclusive Wonder Woman art print for us celebrating her 80th anniversary. Pre-Order here
  • Venom Carnage print by Casey Parsons in anticipation of the upcoming movie release.
  • Swamp Dogs #1 issue Exclusive Cover by Casey Parsons
  • Swamp Dogs signing with author J.M. Brandt & cover artist Casey Parsons
    $15 for raw book signing
    $125 with CGC signature series grading
  • David Mack's Kabuki art shirts - Pre-order here!
  • 10 brush & ink covers that David Mack will create at our booth
    $750 for raw book cover
    $850 with CGC signature series grading
    Send us an email to reserve yours!
  • Exclusive Whimsical Pins by Zu Orzu
  • Live booth events with the artists (schedule to be announced)
  • Wicked Monkey sketchbooks, tees, hats, masks, bags, and pins!

* Please note only card payments will be accepted at the booth *

We have exclusive signing with each artist, so if you have any other items you’ve just got to get some signatures or remarques on, make sure to bring it all to booth #2857. You can also send us an email to inquire about sending in your own slabs to have them signed and returned to you by Wicked Monkey. 


We'll see you there...