Who Could Star in the Next Suicide Squad Spinoff Show?

Who Could Star in the Next Suicide Squad Spinoff Show?



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Sorry, Marvel, but Peacemaker is the hottest streaming series on the planet, and now there’s talk that one of his Suicide Squad teammates is getting a solo series, too. That leaves one giant question: who could it be?

Personally, I’m hoping it’s not anyone from The Suicide Squad and that it’s actually Vigilante getting a spinoff. That seems unlikely since the only thing even remotely official is that the mystery character is someone from the movie. Honestly, as long as James Gunn is at the helm, I’m in.

Truth be known, Peacemaker is proving to be a better action-comedy than anything Marvel Studios has produced this year. Sure, John Cena could be swapped for Channing Tatum and no one would notice, but the show is hitting all its marks. From the violence to the humor, it’s as over-the-top as The Suicide Squad, and I love it, and this is coming from someone who has reached his nausea-inducing limit with the campy MCU action-comedies.

Besides it being genuinely funny, what makes Peacemaker stand out from the crowd of superhero shows is that it’s geared toward adults. In that regard, it follows the path laid out years ago by Netflix’s Daredevil in that they’re mature, violent takes on superheroes. Granted, DD relief on gritty action and drama over comedy, but both it, Peacemaker, and Doom Patrol are clearly meant for adults. That has helped make those the three best superhero shows ever made and leagues ahead of what Disney is churning out for the MCU. It is a testament to what can be accomplished when wit and mature themes prevail over camp.

With the bar set so high thanks to Peacemaker, the next Suicide Squad spinoff will come with insane fan expectations. So who could be the star? Let’s break down the possible choices.



This would be a crowd pleaser, for certain. Despite the original Suicide Squad being so disappointing, there was no denying the star power Margot Robbie proved she was capable of. While her solo movie didn’t get the warm reception DC had hoped for, it wasn’t without its fans. Then came The Suicide Squad, and James Gunn took Harley to a new level of awesomeness. She was every bit the wisecracking angel of death she is in the comics, but there was a level of innocent naivety mixed in as well.

The animated Harley Quinn series has amassed a large following of its own, but it would pale in comparison to a live-action version. Considering Harley is already a household name, putting Gunn in charge of a Margot Robbie-starring live-action series would be a guaranteed hit. The only thing I can see holding that back would be DC and WarnerMedia since they appear to see Harley as a movie star rather than a streaming star.



Idris Elba in a character-driven exploration of Bloodsport either pre or post-Suicide Squad? Count me in. Elba’s acting prowess and sheer screen presence is always impressive, and he was the highlight of The Suicide Squad. We got a taste of Bloodsport’s tumultuous relationship with his estranged teenage daughter at the beginning of the movie. By the end, her view of him may have shifted after his heroics in Corto Maltese. That would make for a great story as the former villain makes amends with his daughter while attempting to be an actual hero for a change.

The hiccup for getting Elba to reprise his Bloodsport role is his schedule. Like Robbie, he is in demand at the moment. There’s talk that he could be the next James Bond, which would take his star power to the upper echelon. It’s not out of the question that he could star in a streaming series, but it’s doubtful that he would have the time.



One of the most underappreciated characters from both Suicide Squad movies is Viola Davis’ performance as Amanda Waller. She is the epitome of secret government black ops with a license (and will) to kill anyone that stands in her way. There may be more to Waller than we realize, and a streaming series could peel away the layers to reveal a different version of her than we’ve ever seen. Despite her cold demeanor, both movies have hinted that Waller sees herself as an uncompromising patriot in much the same way that Peacemaker views himself. She is the monster that the United States government quietly needs to keep the wheels turning, and she would make for an excellent subject of a gritty, espionage-laden HBO Max show. I can’t see Waller starring in a series heavy on comedy, and a more serious tone could be the route WB takes to keep from having a Peacemaker clone.



Harcourt may not be the first character you think of when it comes to a Suicide Squad spinoff, but she may be the odds-on favorite. Since Peacemaker premiered, James Gunn has been promoting Jennifer Holland’s portrayal of Emilia Harcourt. In a Twitter post, he and Holland were sporting Harcourt t-shirts. That could be the clue fans are looking for. With Gunn paying extra attention to Harcourt in light of The Suicide Squad spinoff news, it would seem that she could be the next breakout star.

Wait. Wasn’t the announcement for a character from the movie? In fact, it was, and Harcourt was in The Suicide Squad. She and nerdy IT guy John Economos were both in Waller’s control room, monitoring the team as they descended upon Corto Maltese. Since then, she has become a blooming star in Peacemaker as fans have latched onto her tough-as-nails, sarcastic personality, though we are seeing her heart in recent episodes. In the comics, she was part of the team as part of the A.R.G.U.S. team that kept tabs on the Squad. Harcourt wouldn’t last long; after debuting in 2016, her character got the ax a year later.

It could all be adding up to her being the star of her own spinoff series as the wise-cracking agent in charge of a new team of superheroes.



The heart and soul of The Suicide Squad was found in an unlikely character. The butt of many jokes over the years, the Ratcatcher has been a peripheral villain for decades. Whether it’s the original Ratcatcher, Otis Flannegan, the consensus was that he had one of the most disgusting powers in all of DC Comics. That made the character perfect for Gunn, who thrives on making stars out of comic book misfits. 

Although she was not in the comics, Cleo Cazo’s tragic backstory endeared her to the audience. We discovered that her father, who may or may not have been Otis Flannegan, had invented the technology used to control rats. Instead of being a straightforward supervillain compared to the comics’ Ratcatcher, he used the rodents to keep himself and his daughter alive. Cleo learned to embrace and love the rats, which kept her connected to her father after he died of an apparent drug overdose. The rats also gave Cleo hope as revealed in her father’s explanation, “Rats are the lowliest and most despised of all creatures, my love. If they have a purpose, so do we.”

By the end of The Suicide Squad, Cleo’s control over rats makes her the most powerful member of the team. She defeated Starro nearly single-handedly when she led an attack by all the rats in the city. Since she survived the final battle, it leaves us to wonder what will come of her. That could very well be the plot of her own spinoff HBO Max series.



Yes, Polka Dot Man died in the end battle of The Suicide Squad, but that doesn’t mean Gunn can’t explore the character’s life leading to the events of that movie. In fact, it’s because of his death in the film that he may be a candidate for a spinoff series.

As much fun as Peacemaker has been, audiences will lose interest if the next Suicide Squad spinoff is a replica of that hit show. By that logic, it would take anything off the table that revolves around a quirky, obscure superhero being managed by a team of deep-state government agents. 

Being a James Gunn-led project, there is no doubt that the series will star one of the weirder characters from the movie. If Weasel and King Shark had better grasps of the English language, I would put either of them at the top of the list. Since it would be tough for either of them to star in their own episodic show, the next best thing would be Polka Dot Man. 

The Silver Age Batman villain has never been given the chance to shine in the comics. In this day and age of irreverent superhero humor, now is the perfect time to deeply explore his character. As we learned from The Suicide Squad, he also has a tragic backstory after his mother infected him and his siblings with an interdimensional virus to give them superpowers. Polka Dot Man was the only survivor, and the trauma severely affected him. Although it was played for laughs, seeing his mother’s face as a way to vent his anger and resentment toward her could be the tip of the iceberg. A psychological character study of his early life and his time as a Z-list supervillain could be gold in Gunn’s hands.


It shouldn’t be too much longer before WarnerMedia announces more details for Gunn’s next spinoff project. No matter which character he spotlights, it should make for great streaming. The bigger picture is that it indicates that although Gunn is returning to Marvel Studios for GOTG Vol. 3, his time at DC is only getting started. With The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker both proving to be major hits for the DCEU, it should be a matter of time before he writes and directs another movie for WarnerMedia.

Matt Tuck is the author of the novel, Lost Bones of the Dead. He is a professional writer, avid comic collector, former teacher, and the Blogger Supreme. You can follow him on his Facebook page, The Comic Blog, or on Instagram at matt.tuck.writer.

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