No Way Home: 10 Best Rumors and Theories

No Way Home: 10 Best Rumors and Theories



We’re counting down the minutes to Spider-Man: No Way Home, and the expectations are enormous. There are so many rumors and theories floating across the internet that you need a road map to keep track. Lucky for you, the Blogger Supreme has you covered. Here’s your top-10 No Way Home rumors, gossip, and theories heading into the big premiere.


Mephisto has become the running joke of the MCU. Granted, the WandaVision showrunners wanted audiences to jump to certain conclusions, and the Agatha Harkness foreshadowing was meant to point towards Mephisto, but the Mephisto-spiracy is bigger than one show. The prevailing theory has been that Marvel’s Satan will be the primary antagonist for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, though most fans are now leaning towards Nightmare in that role. Why let that rain on the satanic parade? Theories abound that Mephisto is hiding in plain sight in NWH.

The root of this mostly comes from the comics. The idea of Peter Parker turning to Doctor Strange for help to reset the timeline to make the world forget he’s Spider-Man is reminiscent of two stories: “One More Day” and “One Moment in Time.” In OMD, Spider-Man had taken off his mask and revealed his identity to the world in solidarity with Iron Man’s side of Civil War. After Peter had a change of heart - plus a gunshot wound to Aunt May - he made a deal with Mephisto to reset the clock. When that didn’t turn out the way he wanted, OMIT (omit, get it?) saw him reach out to Doctor Strange.

The other factor behind this theory is the haphazard way Doctor Strange agrees to help Peter in NWH. Although Wong warns Strange about the consequences of casting the spell, the Sorcerer Supreme throws caution to the wind and does it anyway. Many fans are wondering why Strange would be so reckless with his powers, and it has led to the theory that it’s not Strange at all…but Mephisto.


For a moment, it looked like Harry Osborn could be in No Way Home. Who else would be riding a Goblin glider without the costume? Sadly, that wasn’t Harry we saw in the recent trailer, but it doesn’t mean he won’t be appearing in the movie. Considering the number of characters from the other Spidey films that are making their ways into the MCU, it stands to reason that one of the previous Harry actors will get a moment to shine. If nothing else, I would expect an Easter egg.

The speculation for Harry was at its peak about a month ago when we saw the mysterious hooded figure on the glider. Although logically we could assume it was another version of the Green Goblin’s costume, picturing either Harry or the Hobgoblin was much more fun. Since then, it’s been confirmed that it’s Norman sans mask (where’s the fun in that?). 

Will we see Peter Parker’s longtime best friend-turned- foe Harry in NWH? The odds are against it, but Spider-Man actor Tom Holland apparently wants to see the character in a future story. The actor suggested that Dune star Timothee Chalamet would make for a suitable Harry down the line.


Michael Keaton shocked superhero fans when he traded his cape and cowl for wings and a helmet. The famed 1989 Batman actor was Peter’s first nemesis in the MCU, taking on the role of Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Last year, Keaton made headlines when he was confirmed to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman for The Flash, but he also appeared as Vulture in the original Morbius trailer. With Morbius set for a January release, it would seem that Keaton will be back in the MCU to face off with the Living Vampire.

Keaton has not been confirmed for NWH, but he does appear in the “Spider-Man’s Drone Duel” Lego set for the upcoming movie. Most fans are confident he will be part of NWH in some capacity, and many are wondering if Vulture will help Spider-Man in his fight against the Sinister Six (or five or however many end up in the movie). After all, the onscreen Toomes protected Peter’s identity when he was being interrogated by Mac Gargan in Homecoming's prison scene.


What if it’s all an elaborate illusion? That’s one theory making the rounds as we get closer to NWH’s release date. The third of Marvel Studios’ Spidey films takes place immediately after the events of Far From Home. Mysterio has outed Peter Parker to the world. Not only are the police looking for Peter for his vigilantism, but he’s also the prime suspect in Mysterio’s murder. 

While it would seem that Jake Gyllenhaal has nothing to do with NWH outside of some FFH flashbacks, theorists are quick to point out that this is the Master of Illusions, and nothing is what it seems. 

As disappointing as a Mysterio plot twist would be after so much buildup, this theory makes the most sense. Similar to the Mephisto speculation, having a Sorcerer Supreme use his powers so carelessly with no regard for consequences doesn’t add up. Instead, it’s all part of Mysterio’s plot for revenge. That means all the villains from the outer reaches of the Spider-Verse are nothing more than illusions. What supports this idea is another official No Way Home Lego set, this time featuring Mysterio and Nick Fury.

Cross your fingers the movie doesn't play out this way or else this will be the letdown of the decade.


There’s a famous scene in the latest NWH trailers that is leaving fans with serious Amazing Spider-Man 2 vibes, and not necessarily in a bad way. The infamously terrible ASM 2 could be redeemed in NWH, though it’s hard to go anywhere but up following that abomination. Jamie Foxx, returning as Electro but without the excessively dorky combover, was among the first actors confirmed for the movie, and there is speculation that other characters from the franchise will join him, including Gwen Stacy.

This rumor has been creeping up since the latest trailer shows MJ falling in slow motion. The scene is clearly meant to inspire memories of ASM 2’s ending when Emma Stone’s Gwen fell to her death thanks to Harry Osborn. Does that mean we’re getting a replay of that death? Could we see Gwen make a return to the screen?

The latter seems to be the most likely choice if you think about the future of the franchises. In the comics and the animated Into the Spider-Verse movies, Gwen’s role as her universe’s Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider has gained an impressive following. Introducing Emma Stone as an alternate Gwen who gained the Spider-Man powers would be a hit with fans. Simply from a business standpoint, this would make perfect sense.


There have been so many rumors of Charlie Cox and the other Marvel Netflix actors making triumphant returns to the MCU that none of them are believable. Basically every character from the Netflix-verse has been the subject of MCU gossip at one point or another, but none are mentioned as often as Daredevil and Kingpin (with Punisher trailing a close third). A longstanding rumor was that Charlie Cox would appear as Matt Murdock rather than DD to defend Peter Parker in court. Of course, Cox denied being part of the film, but that didn’t stop the speculation, although it seemed as far-fetched as any of the other Netflix-verse characters.

Then Kevin Feige made the big announcement that the MCU’s Daredevil will be played by Charlie Cox, and all bets are off. With that news, it has reignited the spark for gossip that, indeed, Daredevil/Murdock will make his MCU re-entrance in NWH.


Just when we think this rumor is dying out, it comes roaring back. This gossip and speculation has been ongoing all year. For those not keeping track, it began with actor Jacob Batalon when he posted pictures of his impressive weight loss. Around that time, Batalon also made comments about wanting to see lovable loser Ned Leeds become a supervillain. In combination with the rampant No Way Home rumors, it made for the perfect recipe for Hobgoblin speculation.

The peak of the gossip came only weeks ago. In the latest NWH trailer, we catch a glimpse of a mystery figure riding a glider but with no mask. It created a whirlwind of renewed Hobgoblin interest, though it seems the hooded figure is actually a maskless Green Goblin (which is kind of boring, if you ask me).

That means there’s no Hobgoblin in NWH, right? Not so fast. Tom “Spoiler Alert” Holland may have given it away. During the press tour for NWH, he was asked about Hobgoblin, to which he responded, “There’s a moment, though.” That gives the impression that Batalon’s Ned may tease his Hobgoblin transition during the movie. 


This could upend the Spider-Verse. Most fans have been sure that Miles Morales is on Marvel Studios' agenda since Homecoming. Why wouldn’t he? Miles has a massive following through the comics and video games as well as cartoon appearances. Plus, the character appeals to a young audience with his hip-hop influences, and Marvel has clearly been shifting its aim to that demographic.

Since NWH filming began, there have been rumors that Miles has been cast, and he has been on set. Nothing has been confirmed, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. After all, the same gossip sites that have reported Miles being on set also were the first to say that Willem Dafoe was secretly in the film as well, and look how that turned out. 

There’s also theories that stem from the latest NWH trailers. As some YouTubers have pointed out, there’s a moment in an international NWH trailer in which Lizard seems to be hit by an invisible force. One of the ideas is that it is Miles cleverly edited out of the footage.

Introducing Mikes in NWH is sound logic, so I put this theory as one of the more plausible ideas at that.


Speaking of Lizard and the invisible punch, another popular theory behind that moment is that the mystery man is none other than Venom. It’s not hard to connect the dots on this theory after the Venom: Let There Be Carnage mid-credits scene. Last we saw Tom Hardy/Venom, Eddie Brock and everyone’s favorite symbiote were enjoying a beach vacation when Venom attempted to connect with the hive mind. Fans of the Donny Cates Venom comic run know the hive mind is directly linked to Knull, God of the Symbiotes. Instead of getting a Knull tease, the screen shimmered and suddenly Venom is transported into the MCU. There on the television was J. Jonah Jameson reporting on Peter Parker being revealed as Spider-Man. That places the mid-credits scene in the same timeframe as the conclusion of Far From Home and the opening moments of No Way Home

What really sparked people’s curiosity was (no surprise) after Tom Holland possibly dropping a major spoiler. Speaking to Cinemablend, the actor described the experience of working with Tom Hardy. “I was on set,” Holland said. “Amy Pascal came over to me and had a conversation about it. I was very excited. Tom Hardy came to set only a few days later to film his side of the Venom tag.” Was Holland referring to the LTBC bonus scene or a scene from No Way Home? That is the big question.


No matter how many times the actors deny the allegations, the fans are having none of it. Ever since Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx were announced for No Way Home, the natural inclination has been that we’ll also see the Spider-Men from the rest of the Sony-verse. That has created wave after wave of rumors that both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have significant roles in the upcoming movie.

In recent months, Garfield in particular has vehemently denied that he is involved with NWH. However, there has been a viral story of a fan claiming to have run into Maguire in a park. The story claims that when asked about NWH, Maguire simply winked and smirked. Of course, any anonymous, unsubstantiated tall tale that spreads like wildfire is 100% true, right? Absolutely. 

This may seem like the longest shot out of all today’s rumors, especially with the actors professing that Holland’s Spider-Man is the film’s only Spider-Man. Then again, so many rumors are already either coming true or look increasingly possible.

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