Moon Knight's Supporting Cast: the Keys You Need

Moon Knight's Supporting Cast: the Keys You Need



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As mainstream audiences begin their love affair with Moon Knight, comic collectors are thinking ahead about what other superheroes and villains we could see in the series. 

Judging by the trailer, the streaming series looks to be something different from Marvel Studios. If the final product is along the lines of what we see in the footage, then Moon Knight could be the MCU’s first psychological thriller. Rest assured, there will be comedy slapstick galore because this is Disney, and even a character as dark as Moon Knight will need to be at least somewhat family friendly. Of course, Moon Knight has traditionally had an edge of comedy in his comics, though it’s not always kid appropriate. 

What makes a superhero great is always the supporting cast, especially those of the villain roles. We know we’ll see Arthur Harrow, Midnight Man, and Sharon Carter, but who else could be arriving in the upcoming series? Let’s explore the possibilities.



The rumors surrounding Ethan Hawke’s mystery casting for Moon Knight kept the comic world guessing. Would the accomplished actor play Sun King or even the most famous vampire of all, Dracula? With each image released, there came more speculation. Now that Marvel has released the first full trailer for the show, the mystery has been solved, and Hawke will portray Arthur Harrow.

Who? If that name escapes you, don’t worry; it escaped everyone outside the hardcore Moon Knight fans. In the comics, Harrow is a gifted scientist searching for a cure for the disease that has disfigured his face. He works for the ominous OMNIUM corporation, and Harrow’s experiments use Nazi data carried out during the Holocaust. Harrow kidnaps his patients and forces his experiments on them. As a result, he turns them into zombies. That certainly sounds like a decent plot element for Moon Knight’s streaming adventures.

The trailer portrays Harrow as a cult leader with a large group of followers. It would not be a stretch to imagine him using his flock as guinea pigs for his experiments, and that could explain the creatures chasing Moon Knight in the trailer.



Another confirmed villain for Moon Knight is Midnight Man. Like many of Moon Knight’s classic cast of characters, Midnight Man debuted in the first volume of Moon Knight in the early ‘80s. With interest peaking thanks to the trailer, it will have more buyers eying Moon Knight #3 in the coming weeks.

Who is Midnight Man? Anton Mogart was a jewel thief who was thwarted by Moon Knight. During the scuffle, Mogart fell into New York City’s raw sewage. If that weren’t bad enough by itself, the waste deformed Mogart’s face, which eventually drove him insane. He would return to his criminal career, only this time he swore revenge on Moon Knight, whom he blamed for his injuries. 

Unfortunately, Midnight Man has been in the spotlight for tragic reasons. Just this week, French actor Gaspard Ulliel, who plays Anton Mogart/Midnight Man in Moon Knight, died in a skiing accident. There will obviously be an air of sadness during his scenes, and it’s much too early to speculate on whether or not the role will be recast for season two.



The addition of Sharon Carter to the Moon Knight cast hints at bigger developments for Marc Spector. Much of the current MK comics revolve around the hero fighting supernatural threats at his Midnight Mission. Over the character’s storied history, we have seen him deal with the likes of werewolves, vampires, and zombies. With Carter being a central figure in the show, there may be more grounded plot lines than first imagined.

The last we saw of Carter, she had been revealed as the criminal mastermind, the Broker. She managed to climb back into the SHIELD fold as well, and there is no doubt that her espionage and secret selling will be part of Moon Knight. In the trailer, the unassuming Steven Grant is taken aback when Marc Spector receives a phone call. That could very well be part of Carter’s plot details.



Since Moon Knight was first made official, there have been rumors that Stained Glass Scarlet will be part of the series. Like Harrow, she is not one of Marvel’s more famous villains, and that would give the studio plenty of room for interpretation, which generally results in a better onscreen character.

Her comic origin reveals that she was once a nun who turned into a crossbow-wielding vigilante. She also worked as a prison guard, where she learned hand-to-hand combat. Scarlet also had a son who turned to a life of crime. When the two collided, she killed him, thus beginning her take-no-prisoners approach to vigilantism. 




We already know that Werewolf By Night will be arriving in the Marvel Halloween Special, but his history with Moon Knight suggests that we could at least get a cameo before then. Since Gael Garcia Bernal was announced as the choice to bring Jake Lopez/Werewolf By Night to life, it would not be a stretch to say that Marvel could introduce him ahead of time. In fact, it’s what Marvel tends to do already. When the studio executives publicize a casting, they typically insert that character into a movie or two to build the hype. In The Eternals alone, we met Black Knight, Blade, and Starfox/Eros. 

Famously, Moon Knight first appeared in WBN #32 and #33. Since then, Moon Knight has made a career out of battling Marvel’s supernatural forces, most notably vampires and zombies. That would make his Disney+ series a prime spot to introduce both Werewolf By Night and Nina Price, the Vampire By Night, who also has been cast for the Halloween special.



Marvel has already teased Blade’s arrival in the MCU with his voiceover cameo in The Eternals’ post-credits scene. There’s no denying his link to Moon Knight in the comics, as the two both fight vampires. Adding Blade to the mix for an episode or two would stun audiences and build toward Blade’s big movie premiere, which is already in development.

What also hints at a possible Blade connection in the series is the setting. The show is advertised as following an insomniac named Steven Grant, a timid shopkeeper in what appears to be London. Following Moon Knight’s comic origins, Steven suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which explains why he was perplexed at being called “Marc.” If the series takes place around the same time as the events of Eternals, that could place Blade in the area when Steven/Marc is beginning his adventures as Moon Knight. It would allow for a convenient appearance in the show that would wow fans and give us our first look at Mahershala Ali in full costume.


Moon Knight should officially usher in the MCU’s supernatural characters. Whether or not we will see any famous cameos remains to be seen, but it is likely since, well, this is Marvel, and fans expect it. Moon Knight and his multiple personalities should give the MCU a hero much different than any we’ve seen before. Hopefully, Marvel/Disney will stay away from the cartoony action and bad dialogue so prevalent on Disney+ already.

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