5 Things to Know About the CGC Comic Book Case

CGC Comic Book Case

5 Things to Know About the CGC Comic Book Case

For most collectors, slabbed comics is a source of pride. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing an entire graded comic book collection on display.

Sure, the CGC comic book case turns ordinary comics into fascinating collectibles. But it also preserves your comics against routine wear and tears. That’s two benefits rolled into one!

However, how much do you know about the case? What is it made of? Should you be worried about dropping it? Answers to these questions can help you take better care of your slabbed comics.

We’ve got your back. Let’s explore five interesting facts about the CGC comic book case.

1. The CGC Comic Book Case Has Dual Parts

The CGC case has two main wells: the inner and the outer. Of these, the inner well- the one that’s in direct contact with the comic- is made of polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG). PETG is an inert plastic ideal for long-term storage and preservation. So, if you’re wondering what keeps your comics looking sharp for ages, it’s the magic of chemistry! Bruce Banner would be proud.

Now, the outer well does not affect archival quality since it doesn’t touch the book anywhere. But the material’s scratch resistance and durability play a vital role in keeping your investment safe for years to come. Also, the crystal-clear plastic’s premium optics depict the comic’s vibrant colors effectively.

The perks don’t end there. Thanks to the redesigned label, you can easily identify the CGC comic books from both the front and the back. What’s not to love?

2. The CGC Comic Book Case is (Mostly) Impact-Resistant

CGC does advertise its case as impact-resistant. This means it can hold out against a certain degree of pressure. However, dropping a slabbed comic two floors down is bound to have certain repercussions. The case will crack faster than you can say ‘Hulk Smash!’

Remember that the CGC comic book case is not a mystic talisman: it cannot defy poor storage conditions. You’ll have to pull your weight to protect your CGC comic book collection effectively. Here are a few tips to follow in this regard.

  • Use sturdy acrylic wall mounts to hang up slabbed comics. Make sure the mount is strong enough to support the slab’s weight.
  • Or, you can frame your slabbed CGC comic books to hang them up. While this is slightly more expensive than the acrylic wall mount route, it’s worth the pocket pinch.
  • You can also use CGC graded comic book bags to store large collections.
3. The CGC Comic Book Case Can Fit Comics of Nearly Any Size

Contrary to popular belief, comics books aren’t sized the same. The standard size for most Modern Age comics is 6.875” x 10.438”. On the other hand, Golden Age comics usually measure 7 ¾" x 10 ½”. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but in comic book speak, it adds up.

You’re probably wondering if your CGC holder will accommodate comics of different dimensions. Well, we have good news for you. The holder fits CGC graded comic books of nearly any size. Plus, it locks and stacks with other CGC cases, new or old. This makes it easier for you to create a uniform, eye-catching display!

4. The CGC Comic Book Case is NOT Waterproof or UV-Resistant

Unlike Spidey’s suit, the CGC case is not waterproof. The term ‘water-resistant’ hits closer to home. Because neither the inner nor the outer well is completely sealed (blame it on off-gassing), it’s best if you keep your slabbed comics away from water. Store them in air-and-watertight containers when they are not on display. You won’t be disappointed.

Moreover- you may want to sit down for this one- the CGC case does not have any built-in UV protection. This means you cannot leave your comics in sunny spaces without damaging the art inside.

Bummer, isn’t it? Well, not really. You can always take the following steps to protect your CGC comic book collection from excess UV exposure.

  • For starters, try and keep the blinds drawn. You can also purchase a clear or tinted window film to block out UV rays.
  • Switch incandescent/fluorescent lights for LED bulbs. These emit very little, almost no damaging UV light. As a bonus, you’ll save a ton on energy expenses!
5. The CGC Comic Book Case Can Be Opened

Technically, you can pry open the CGC case to access the comic inside. But this way, you’ll damage the holder and render the grade/certified signatures invalid.

Although doing this doesn’t seem worth the effort at first, here are a few scenarios where you may want to remove your comic from the slab.

  • You want to press and clean your comic for a re-grade.
  • You want to get an artist’s signature on the book.
  • You want the comic re-holdered because the previous slab was damaged.

The Bottom Line

You can tell a veteran collector by the number of CGC cases in their arsenal. It’s one-of-a-kind, no questions asked. Hopefully, this post has told you something new about your case. Go on out there and continue building your collection like a pro!

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