Artist Feature: Ingrid Gala

Artist Feature: Ingrid Gala


  1. Where do you live/work

    I.G.: I was born in Barcelona. I'm in love  with its nature and special places. But about 5 years ago I moved to Granada, a charming and welcoming city.


  2. Do you have a studio routine?

    ingrid-gala-studioI.G.: Yes, a few months ago I started to create a daily routine to improve my habits. The first thing I do when I wake up is to exercise, take a shower and have breakfast, while I study some pending things (like getting my car license and English haha). When I finish, I take care of my plants if they need it, I dedicate a little time to them and then I start working. From time to time I look for excuses to get up to take care of my body! And in the middle of the afternoon I take a walk, so I disconnect my mind a little. Whenever I can I go to the mountains or nature, it's my favorite passion =)


  3. Were comics your main entry into art?

    I.G.: My entry into the art world really has no date or form, it was flowing and emerging over the years, and wasn't influenced by a book or comic book I read. When I had to make decisions to go to college, that's when I really found my way, and what kind of art I wanted to make.
    It's true that comics came into my life in a very sporadic way, but I started to know more about it a few years ago. My introduction to art was through illustration, meeting classical artists, new artists, and being fascinated by their work. Then I got to know other media and other platforms to express art such as comics. The first one I read was "El Angelus" by Josep Homs, I am fascinated by how he works the color with each event of the story in that comic. It is marvelous.
    The entrance into comics has made me meet new artists that I admire a lot and has made me keep learning and meeting characters that end up being fun too. I enjoy it a lot and I have a great time drawing them and creating scenes of all kinds.


  4. Can you speak about the full range of mediums you use? And do you draw from life, photos, or imagination? (Including any non-comic related work)

    I.G.: I use some different media. The most common art medium for me is graphite and digital. I also use oil and rarely, although I like it a lot, watercolor.
    When working, I get an idea of what I want to convey with its placement and the elements of the scene and I take some reference photos. Although I don't always work the same way.
    I have some Artstation photo packs and a reference picture book that I got as a gift and use as well.  When I find the right position in these packs, I take some portraits to work on the light or improve the pose, and adapt it to what I want to express. From there, I make a collage in Photoshop with the references that work best for me and I end up getting a general idea and then start making the pencil sketch.
    In the future I would like to hire friends as models to create my own photo references to also have different features, bodies, musculature, etc...


  5. What makes you decide whether or not to use color?

    I.G.: It is difficult to choose to do it in color or in grayscale.
    Many times it depends on the time I have to do a job, but in general, I try to get an idea in mind of what I want to do, what size and technique, and this helps me to choose one thing or another. It also makes it easier for me to choose when thinking about the result of each technique I use, just as it is better depending on what I want to convey. If it has a lot of strength or needs to emphasize something in particular of the scene, to give more drama or attention to the drawing, and depending on what scene it is, determines what is needed with colors or in black and white. According to the needs of the idea of the work.
    It sounds a bit calculating with everything I explain, but really it is only a preliminary study. I really let myself go deep into everything I do and although the creative process is one of the most difficult parts, perhaps at the same time it's one of the most fun to do to find a fixed idea. So in the end I think about the strength I want for each drawing and I choose a particular way to present it (sometimes, when I find it very difficult to choose, I end up asking people close to me for their opinion to see if this way I can clear my head a little! Haha).


  6. Self portraiture and specific identities taken from life seem to be a unique method you use when building characters. What makes you decide to sometimes use yourself or those around you for your characters?

    I.G.: There are several factors to take into account.
    Many times, because of image rights, I prefer to use models, friends or people close to me, or people I know through social networks.
    I try to avoid as much as possible to be the one who appears in the drawings, but sometimes if I use myself as a model, it is usually for personal reasons. Something that makes me very excited, for example, is a drawing I did a year ago, I'm with my sister.
    I end up making this decision, and it becomes more valuable to me. But I usually use myself for more particular things, work for myself, etc.
    In general I prefer models or friends. This way it makes it easier for me to get my image rights transferred and to keep everything in order.
    Another factor that is the most important for me, is the illusion that generates me to draw people that mark me a lot in my life, to capture them on a canvas, for me it is something wonderful to join the passion and love I feel for these people and the passion and love I feel for art, and when I work with the whole, it creates a magic around me while I create the work, which is indescribable.
    I love drawing people I care about, it's a special moment on a personal level, like drawing animals or nature. The mix fascinates me and makes me enjoy my work very much.


  7. The way you render light sometimes resembles digital media, like photography or film. Can you speak about the ways you create light and shadow?

    I.G.: Depending on what you want to express you need a particular light or colors in the illustration. You need to study beforehand what lights and colors work to express an emotion, feeling, thought, and scene...
    I really like cinema and the world of photography. This helps me to understand and keep learning which lights express a mood or any other feeling. To have more realism in a painting, you also need to study these sets of lights and shadows and understand how they work and affect all of the materials that are in the scene, this way you create something very close to real life.
    Taking care of these two factors in art is very important to give it that expression. My process to do this is to look for scenes from movies, or photographs that have inspired me, to generate the strength of the scene.
    In the recent covers I am working on, I have resorted to classic paintings to study some lights and colors. They have that particular essence that makes me fall in love with them.

  8. What types of characters or storylines are you typically drawn to?

    I.G.: What I am most passionate about in life, is nature and animals, so anything I can do that is related to this, makes me very happy. Also, surprisingly, I really like the aesthetics and the world of witches!!! I haven't dived into researching about them, but I like to represent the idea I have of witches always being good, haha.
    I'm also attracted to creating works with some criticism, especially with the environment and animal world. When I have the chance to make works for myself, that's what I draw the most.


  9. As a comics fan, are there any soon-to-be-released series that you’re excited to see? (whether or not you’ve ever worked on the series)

    I.G.: I have so much work lately that it's impossible for me to stop and read comics. I'm not very up to date with the latest comic releases.

  10. Have you noticed any kind of effect that the Pandemic has had on your practice?

    I.G.: Yes, unfortunately the pandemic has affected us all in some way.
    In my case, I had my family and friends far away, and being so many months without seeing them sometimes exhausts the mind and takes away the strength or desire to work with normal energy.
    To do a good job, you need a healthy mind and sometimes in a situation as difficult as the one we have suffered, it is difficult to maintain peace of mind.
    Not noticing the mountain breeze, smelling the sea, feeling the embrace of family members was missed and made me be more quiet some days, but then came the hope of knowing that someday, as a surprise, I would be able to travel and finally remove that thorn in my side. Then I would regain my energy and try to have a daily emotional balance.

    Fortunately, this happened to me very few days of the whole pandemic. I was lucky to feel strong most days, but I understand that we all need to fall sometimes to get up again with more strength, or sit down to rest. On this occasion, it was worth the reunion with my favorite people. Although, to this day I still miss a very important part of my life and that is sharing experiences, laughter and unforgettable moments with my art family. I have been lucky to find a place in a family full of talent and most importantly, full of amazing people. It is true that the online conventions we have done in this time have made me feel closer to them again as well as the networking groups we have and the crazy fun conversations we have. That has also helped me to control the crazy urge to jump over the puddles to visit my artist friends, even if it meant a big fine or a night in the dungeon, haha. But the day I can go back to sharing a table, events, birthdays and emotions with all of them, it will be another unforgettable gift that life gives me. In the end there is nothing that we can't overcome with a little effort and care for oneself and others.You have to look for positive things you have in life that help you keep the center of your head in place, and lean on them.

  11. Do you have any projects currently in the works?

    I.G.: Yes, I've been getting a lot of interesting work these past few months! I'm currently working on several covers for Aftershock and Image black comics among others thanks to Kirby's, the team that is offering me incredible opportunities.
    I'm very excited and thrilled to be working on all of this, I'm really enjoying it!
    They are covers with new characters that I didn't know, very different covers between them, touching very different types of art, like Bunny Mask, something dark and scary, or silver City, something more Punk with a great story, and other projects that have not yet been revealed and that you will soon be able to see on social networks and other physical platforms.
    I'm fulfilling many dreams since I joined Kirby's Comic Art. I have new challenges since then.
    I have other projects in mind that I would like to fulfill in the future and with Kirby's, but they are projects that you have to take care of and work a lot, very carefully and that you need a lot of time and patience for. Anyway, I think that every artist has the patience they need to be able to bring out small parts of their soul in the drawings.

  12. If given the enchanted Monkey Paw and allowed three wishes with possibly hellish consequences, would you tempt fate and make a wish, or play it safe?
    What would your wish be?

    I.G.: Oh Wow!!! it's hard to think of something like that! What a tough question hahaha.
    My mind has exploded with this!!! Hahahahaha
    I just think of righteous wishes with hellish consequences for anyone who harms people, animals or the planet.
    But I think I would play it safe, I don't like to wish evil for anything or anyone, hahaha.
    My wish for this would be... hmmmm... maybe I'm pretty boring with a typical idea of something Zombie related (I had a lot of love for Zombies when I was young haha).
    Oh maybe something related to the world of witches, take a broom and fly,  playing with plants and potions, it could be fun to turn people into pigs or all kinds of comical animals.... Picking something good out of the bad haha.
    Or being a Gremlin, in the end they turn out to be small furry beings, adorable but bad.
    Kind of hard to answer...haha.


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