Top 10 Batman Comics That Have to be in Your Graded Comic Books Collection

Top 10 Batman Comics That Have to be in Your Graded Comic Books Collection

Top 10 Batman Comics That Have to be in Your Graded Comic Books Collection 

Billionaire playboy by day, caped crusader by night; Bruce Wayne/Batman is an iconic superhero. The Dark Knight is a bat vigilante who fights to keep criminals off the streets. He’s not the hero Gotham City deserves, but the one it needs.   

Since his debut in 1939, Batman has starred in multiple comic books, all of which are worth a small fortune. While the earliest Batman comics have increased in value over the years, the more recent editions are set to be lucrative investments for the future.  

So, if you’re thinking of building a comic book collection with Batman front and center, here’s a list of vintage Batman classics you must take a look at.  

  1. Detective Comics #27 
    Detective Comics #27

Published in 1939, the twenty-seventh issue of Detective Comics marked the first appearance of Batman. People instantly took to the masked vigilante, mainly because of how ‘human’ he was.  

While the immensely popular Superman was an alien, Bruce Wayne was a normal man who used his money, intelligence, and childhood trauma to serve his city.  

A copy of Detective Comics #27 was sold for an astounding $1.215 million in 2021. Other sales of the issue have ranged between $200,000 to $850,000. So, in case you find this comic stowed away in your study, consider getting it graded soon.  

  1. Batman #1 
    Batman #1

After his successful debut, the Dark Knight received his own comic book series. The first entry, aptly titled Batman #1, tells the story of how Bruce Wayne came to be Batman, following his parents’ brutal murders. To top that, this classic also featured the Joker and Catwoman/Selina Kyle, two of Batman’s nemeses, for the first time.  

As you would expect, this issue costs quite a lot of money. In fact, a near-mint condition of Batman #1 (graded 9.4) went for a groundbreaking $2.2 million in 2021. Another copy with an 8.0 grade was auctioned off at $1.2 million.  

  1. Detective Comics #31 
    Detective Comics #31

You can get a decent amount of cash for Detective Comics #31, thanks to how ridiculously rare this issue is. Out of all the known unrestored copies registered with the CGC census, only a handful are graded over VG 4.0. Additionally, there are no copies above 8.0 VF. It’s difficult to imagine what this book can bring if it’s in mint or near-mint condition.

There are plenty of reasons why Detective Comics #31 is in such high demand. For starters, it features the first Batplane and Batarang. Also, you simply cannot miss the legendary ‘Batman over Castle’ cover art by the creator Bob Kane. These two elements combine to make Detective Comics #31 a highly sought-after collectible. 

  1. Detective Comics #38 
    Detective Comics #38

Although people hold strong opinions about him, there’s no denying that Robin is a major part of the Batman universe. And, Detective Comics #38 traces his origin story. Bruce Wayne was present when Dick Grayson’s parents were killed at the circus. Moved by the boy’s trauma, he befriended Grayson, took him in, and trained him as his sidekick. 

You can chalk it up to the Boy Wonder’s charm, but Detective Comics #38 is currently worth $120,000. Its peak value hit $126,500 in 2005.  

  1. Detective Comics #29
    Detective Comics #29

Detective Comics #29 marks the third appearance of Batman. Plus, this is only the second time the Dark Knight was featured on the book’s cover.  

Like Detective Comics #31, this issue is valuable because of how rare it is. There are only a few known registered copies in the world, which is why several informed collectors believe that a high-grade copy of this book can fetch millions with ease.  

  1. Detective Comics #33 
    Detective Comics #33

Besides introducing the tragic events that led Bruce Wayne to walk the path of vigilantism, Detective Comics #33 also sheds light on the Dark Knight’s war against Joe Chill and his gang of ‘dirigibles.’ Interestingly, the value of a mint condition copy of this edition is still unknown. So far, the highest-rated issue, a 9.2 NM, was auctioned off for $170,000 in 2011.  

  1. Batman #11 
    Batman #11

Today, you probably wouldn’t imagine Batman chasing after the Joker on a tandem bicycle. Nor would you think of the Joker escaping in a horse-drawn carriage. But this is exactly what happens in Batman #11. Also, Robin almost dies from gas poisoning, courtesy of the cunning villain.  

Undoubtedly, the most attractive aspect of this edition is its cover: a vibrant blend of colors showing the Caped Crusader punching the Joker against a background of poker cards, all while Robin cheers on.  

A 9.4 NM (near-mint) copy of Batman #11 was sold for a whopping $135,000 (2016) at a public auction. So, if you happen to come across one such edition, we suggest you get it graded as quickly as possible.  

  1. Detective Comics #28
    Detective Comics #28

With Detective Comics #27, Batman had already become a household sensation. Hence, it’s safe to say that he stole the show with his second appearance in Detective Comics #28. 

This entry in the Detective Comics series has 38 registered copies with the CGC census. Out of those, only 16 are unrestored and complete. But, its highest-graded issue, a VF/NM 9.0, has never been sold.

  1. Batman #2
    Batman #2

Surprisingly, Catwoman does not wear her legendary black leather catsuit when she shows up in this edition of Batman. Instead, she dons a stellar green dress, complete with a yellow cape. 

On the other front, a crime syndicate plans to use the Joker (break him out of jail, essentially) to steal some jewels. Catwoman catches a whiff of the scheme and tries to get to the gems first. In the end, however, Batman saves the day by defeating both his enemies. 

Having a pristine copy of this classic is like sitting on a pile of money. As of July 2021, a grade 9.8 issue of Batman #2 is supposed to bring approximately $975,000. The most expensive recorded sale occurred in 2010 when a grade 9.2 copy was auctioned off for $165,000.

  1. Batman #3
    Batman #3

Batman #3 is prized for two reasons. First, it introduced the Puppet Master, another one of the Dark Knight’s many foes. Also, fans got to see Selina Kyle in her Catwoman costume for the first time. 

For collectors and Batman enthusiasts, this comic is a treasure.  It went for $130,000 (grade 9.4) in 2010 and $110,000 (grade 9.2) in 2013. 

Wrapping Up

Given how Batman has evolved into a global phenomenon over the years, it’s no wonder that his stories continue to make bank. A CGC graded copy of any Batman classic, old or new, can easily be worth a lot of money.

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