Forget Tobey and Andrew Because Miles Is Coming

Forget Tobey and Andrew Because Miles Is Coming


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With only two weeks before No Way Home reveals its secrets, the big question is which Spider-Men will be in the movie? Forget Tobey and Andrew because there is growing speculation that Miles Morales is on the way. 


Now there is even more buzz surrounding Spider-Miles. This week, Amy Pascal, a Sony executive producer, teased Into the Spider-Verse 2 news. Speaking to HypeBeast, Pascal said, “It’s going to be fantastic. We have something to show on that very soon.” That has led to speculation that a Spider-Verse 2 trailer is incoming, and it has raised the awareness for Miles.

For years now, Sony has said the Spider-Verse sequel will be female-oriented, but it is hard to imagine the franchise without Miles and Peter Parker. When Sony decides to release the first footage, it will provoke the Miles market once again.

That’s not the only Spider-Miles gossip making the rounds. Practically from the first rumors of No Way Home, there has been speculation that Miles would appear in the film. He was alluded to in Homecoming, and fans have been waiting for his arrival ever since. There have been unconfirmed reports that Miles has been secretly cast, and the unnamed actor was on set during NWH filming. 


Adding fuel to the fire is the latest NWH trailer. Astute viewers noticed that certain CGI elements appeared to be left out of the footage, including what appears to be someone punching Lizard during a scaffold showdown.

Recently, Marvel confirmed that Tom Holland has been signed to star in three more Spider-Man films post-NWH. While that may keep Peter Parker in the game for the foreseeable future, that still leaves an opening for Miles to join the fun and possibly serve as Peter’s successor. 

All of the Spider-Miles gossip has raised the stakes for his early appearances, but there is more to those Miles keys than the mainstays.


When it comes to collecting Miles’ key issues, there’s no topping the first appearance. With all the gossip floating about the internet, it is no wonder UF #4 is surging through the market. As the hype for No Way Home grows and when the Into the Spider-Verse 2 teaser reaches the masses, we can expect values to surpass the $3k mark once again. 

Granted, it’s a long shot, but if we see Miles in No Way Home, then UF #4 will officially become the modern age’s Incredible Hulk #181. Out of all the modern characters who have yet to be featured in live action, none have the upside of Miles. Once he arrives in the MCU, there is no doubt that he will be a major force and will eventually star in his own movie franchise. Marvel Studios knows this, and that may be why the company will postpone his debut a bit longer simply to build the anticipation. Still, it would be a welcome swerve if instead of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Miles Morales made his entrance into the MCU.

On November 22, Heritage Auctions reported a record $3,840 sale of a graded 9.8. Outside of that, most copies have been earning in the $2,500 range since the summer. While those are not cheap prices, it is down at the moment, and that makes this an opportune time to get a copy if you have been on the fence. Once Miles arrives in the MCU, that $2,500 investment will seem like a bargain.


Whether or not you own a first print UF #4, this is a solid pickup that will only keep gaining value. Collecting in the 21st century, subsequent printings have taken on a new importance. No longer are these bound for the dollar bin. In this case, it’s to your benefit to have a copy in the ol’ long box.

This year, a 9.8 sold for the ridiculously high price of $2,500. Toss out that sale, and the second print generally stays in the $600-$700 range, though it’s been earning closer to $500-$600 for the past couple of days.


When you can’t have the first appearance, what is the next best thing? The second appearance, of course, and in this case, that’s a fairly tall order in itself. While values have spiked for Ultimate Spider-Man #1 this year, they are much lower than those of UF #4.

After Ultimate Peter’s death, Miles took up the Spider-Mantle and starred in his first series, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1. Over the years, he has led several series, but the first one will always be the highest on the wish lists. Think of it as the Wolverine Limited Series #1 of the modern age, and there will always be a market for that just like there will always be a market for Ultimate Spider-Man #1. 

Since last year, the graded 9.8 has routinely sold for $1k+. In fact, one brought $1,000 on November 14. More recently, one earned $762 on November 21. That gives it a 90-day average of $961.


We don’t know what to expect from No Way Home, and there may or may not be multiple Spider-Men. In the event that there are, this could be a hidden gem that gets a mighty boost simply for the title. What would up the ante exponentially is if Miles arrives and meets the MCU Peter Parker. 

This was a big moment in 2012. After a year of being the Ultimate Universe’s only Spider-Man - and creating plenty of controversy in the process - Miles and Peter officially met face-to-face in Spider-Men #1. Bringing the two together in the MCU will be a pivotal moment for the Spider-Man franchise, and collectors will be on the search for this issue. The companion piece is Spider-Men #2, which saw the two have a brief fight. 

As for Spider-Men #1, it has been selling for $185 on November 28. Last month, one brought as much as $239. Looking for Spider-Men #2? A 9.8 standard edition sold for $100 in May, but the eye catcher was the variant cover, which brought $400 earlier this month.


Here is another overlooked issue that is important in Miles’ comic history. During Cataclysm, the Ultimate Universe was invaded by the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus. As the Ultimate Universe was on the brink of destruction, this issue saw Miles step into the Earth-616 Universe for the first time. 

Again, here is an issue that will get a sudden pickup when the day arrives and Miles is in the MCU. While it won’t ever be a UF #4-level key by any stretch, it could produce respectable profits down the road.

The only graded sale on record was a 9.8 variant edition that brought $125 in August. 


This could be a team quietly taking shape in the MCU. These Avengers featured Iron Man, Lady Thor, Kamala Khan, Sam Wilson, Nova, Vision, and Miles Morales. The direction things are headed, Marvel Studios could be building this team. After all, Jane Foster is prepared to lift Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder, Sam is now Captain America, Vision has been reborn, Kamala Khan will star in her own Disney+ series, and there are strong rumors that Nova is coming to the MCU. Add Miles to the mix, and the All-New, All-Different Avengers are waiting to be put together on the big screen.

At the moment, you can buy a raw copy for less than $10. One of the more popular editions is the hip-hop variant, and a graded 9.8 last sold for $179 in July.


Sooner or later, Miles Morales is coming to the big screen. There’s so much potential with him as a character, and we have only seen a taste of that with Into the Spider-Verse. Once he comes to the MCU, it will catapult his key issues to new levels, so don’t hesitate to get those comics. Patience may not be a virtue in this instance.

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