Book of Boba Fett Ep. 6: [SPOILER] Is Here!

Book of Boba Fett Ep. 6: [SPOILER] Is Here!



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The Book of Mandalorian is sputtering its way into the season finale, but the latest episode provided two major cameos that could have significant impacts on BOBF and The Mandalorian. WARNING: SPOILERS.

Overall, Episode Six was an improvement over Episode Five. No, we didn’t get to see Din Djarin mowing down the criminal underbelly or beheading an alien that looked strangely like a bulldog, but at least there were no completely pointless scenes, like him repairing a spaceship for 20 minutes or checking his luggage on a mundane commercial flight. There were crowd-pleasing cameos galore, and the episode appeared to be more of a setup for both The Mandalorian’s third season and Ahoska than anything else. 

The trouble is that the past two episodes of The Book of Boba Fett have been extremely light on Boba Fett. He’s been reduced to a supporting character in his own show. BOBF had largely been a disappointment through the first four entries, and the return of fan favorite Din was a welcome sight. As happy as audiences have been to get more Mando, from a storytelling perspective, the series has veered far off course. Last week, the only connection to the BOBF plot was a cameo from Fennec Shand. This week, we actually get to see Boba and his crew of misfits, albeit briefly. Toward the end of the episode, the camera pans across Boba’s hall, confirming that, indeed, all the players are still alive and well. 

Although there was little to do with Boba Fett in Episode Six, it will garner ample praise from casual fans on the backbone of those aforementioned cameos. At the center of the action was Grogu as he is being trained by Luke Skywalker. The CGI and Mark Hamill’s voiceover work were as good as they were in The Mandalorian, and it was the highlight of the episode. It serves as a reminder of how Luke’s character should have been treated as opposed to the debacle we were given in the form of The Last Jedi. Truth be known, Luke’s inclusion in both shows proves what most Star Wars fans have known for years - that any spinoffs and new movies with the original cast should have been made 20 or 30 years ago. Still, modern movie magic is allowing us to get our fill of Luke Skywalker, and we can only cross our CGI fingers that he will star in his oft-rumored solo series.

Grogu fans will rejoice at his return to Disney+. The episode shows him mastering the ways of the Force when Din arrives to deliver the chainmail forged from the Beskar spear. We also get to see a glimpse of Grogu’s tragic past as he witnessed the execution of Order 66. In a flashback, the audience learns that he watched as the clone troopers gunned down his fellow Jedi, a plot point that was teased in the last season of The Mandalorian.

Speaking of the second season of The Mandalorian, Ahsoka made her return to live action this week. She greets Mando when he arrives bearing his gift for Grogu. What becomes underscored here is the hypocrisy of the Jedi teachings. Ahsoka advises Din to stay away from Grogu because their bond would be detrimental to the child’s training, which requires emotional detachment from those he loves. After receiving the gift, Luke presents Grogu with a difficult decision: choose the lightsaber or the chainmail. Depending on his decision, he can either remain with Luke and complete his training or be cast out of the Jedi order and returned to Din. I assume we will have to wait for the third season of The Mandalorian for Grogu’s answer.

There was one final cameo that will have fans buzzing all week. Din went to his old friend, Cobb Vanth played by Timothy Olyphant, the marshall of Mos Espa’s neighboring village, now renamed Free Town. Mando pleads with Vanth to rally the townspeople to push back against the Pyke Syndicate, but the crime bosses send him and anyone standing against them a message in the form of Cad Bane. The Clone Wars original has not been seen since he appeared in The Bad Batch, but he has been expected since Season One of The Mandalorian. His CGI and costume looked good, and the voice appeared to be the same from Clone Wars, so fans should be ecstatic with that. 

Cad Bane’s arrival signals that under Dave Filoni’s direction, Star Wars’ Disney+ universe is centered around Filoni’s first child, Clone Wars. Week after week, we see more connections to the classic animated series, and fans have been pleased to see the returning characters. Now the question is, when will Darth Maul make his presence known?

All that being said, who is Cad Bane? First appearing in the Clone Wars’ second season, he is a feared and respected bounty hunter from Duro. At times, he has worked for many of the villains in the Galactic Republic, most notably Jabba (not to be confused with Pizza) the Hutt, Darth Maul, and Darth Sidious. Besides being a rival bounty hunter, Cad has a distinct connection to Boba Fett. Before Disney took over the Clone Wars cartoon, the original plan for Season Seven was to have a duel between Boba and Cad. The fight would end with them shooting one another in the head, which would have given Boba Fett’s helmet the iconic dent at the left temple. Odds are that will be mentioned when the two square off in Episode Seven.

As collectors and speculators stock up on their Cad Bane keys, let’s take a look at the issues that will surely spike thanks to his live-action debut.


Although it is not necessarily an in-story debut, Cade Bane first appeared in a comic in 2010’s Tales from the Clone Wars #1. What makes this comic unique is that it is not an original comic, per se. Before being put into a comic, Tales from the Clone Wars was a series of comic strips available exclusively online. One of those featured Cad Bane, and that makes his first comic appearance in a webstrip and not a traditional comic. That has affected its collectibility over the years, though prices are going up.

While it won’t compete with the other comics on today’s list in terms of fair market value, many collectors will want to add this to their collections in light of this week’s episode of BOBF. It may be cheaper compared to Darth Maul #2, but that does not make this a dollar-bin find. Since last year, there have only been three graded 9.8s to trade hands online. None of those three have sold for less than $400. The one sale in 2021 saw it earn a record $435 on January 8.


This is more of what collectors want: a clear first appearance in a canonical comic. Seven years after Cad was featured in Tales from the Clone Wars, he was officially added to the Star Wars extended universe when he arrived in Darth Maul #2. 

With speculation surrounding Cad since The Mandalorian’s first episode, this comic has been a rocket for years now. Since he has finally made his grand entrance, Darth Maul #2 will be the first issue to feel the heat from his BOBF arrival.

Prior to this week’s episode, Cad’s first appearance was already nearing the record high. Last year, a graded 9.8 of the standard cover fetched as high as $550. On January 28, one sold for $515. Since he has arrived in live action, expect that record to fall in short order.

For those with deeper pockets, take a look at the David Aja variant. A year ago, a 9.8 earned a record high of $1,700. Like the standard cover, this one is already nearing that mark. Earlier this month, one brought $1,600. 


As collectors know, cover hunting has become a subset of the hobby in itself. Oftentimes, the first cover art can rival and at times surpass the popularity of the first in-story appearance. In this case, Cad made his first appearance on the cover art in Darth Maul #3. 

This comic is getting more expensive in a hurry. Over 13 sales in 2021, it didn’t earn more than $211. On January 28, that record was shattered when another copy sold for $300. 


With Filoni at the helm of the Star Wars streaming empire, we can expect more characters to emerge from the Clone Wars cartoon. Between The Mandalorian and BOBF, that puts an added emphasis on the bounty hunters from Clone Wars and Bad Batch. Another good place to look is the comic crossover War of the Bounty Hunters, which could be fertile ground for many new faces to come. 

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