Book of Boba Fett Ep. 2: Krrsantan Has Arrived

Book of Boba Fett Ep. 2: Krrsantan Has Arrived



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Darth Vader #1 has suddenly become one of the hottest comics around, and it’s all thanks to the Book of Boba Fett’s surprise addition of Krrsantan.

The second episode of BOBF struck the right chords with fans this week. Audiences were introduced to the Hutt Twins, the mysterious Mayor of Mos Espa, and the origin of Boba Fett’s black robes. As intriguing as all that was, the real excitement was for the cameo of a new Wookie straight from the comics, Black Krrsantan, and he is why collectors have sent Darth Vader #1 to the top of the charts.



The second episode of Book of Boba Fett laid the groundwork for several key characters and events from the comics, but the introduction of the first live-action Wookie bounty hunter has overshadowed them all. Black Krrsantan first appeared in 2015’s Darth Vader #1, and he first graced a cover on a store variant for Darth Vader #13. 

As impressive as he is aesthetically, this is one of the toughest characters in all of Star Wars. Based on the comics, he is more feared than Chewbacca and Boba Fett. No doubt, their eventual throwdown will be a spectacle to behold. The best part is that it doesn’t appear Krrsantan will be one-and-done with the Book of Boba Fett’s first season. Prior to his appearance in Episode Two, he was rumored to appear in the third season of The Mandalorian. Odds are, he will crossover between both shows, which will make his key issues even more valuable going forward. 

Up to this week, values had been down for the standard edition of Darth Vader #1. As recently as December 24, the graded 9.8 was selling for $96. Before that sale, it had averaged $157 all year long. Today, it jumped to $250. Then there are the raw copies, and those are selling for as much as $50.

The one to watch is the Hastings variant of Darth Vader #13 by Aleksi Briclot. These are bringing $40-$50, and that is likely to jump higher the more we see Krrsantan. The last time a 9.8 traded hands online, it brought $250 in October. It should be exciting to see how high it goes when the next graded copy is at auction.



As popular as Black Krrsantan is proving to be, his arrival could preface some of his associates from the comics. At the top of the wish list is a fan-favorite character from the modern run of Star Wars comics, Doctor Aphra. A combination of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, she is basically an intergalactic archeologist. Guess who happens to be one of her frequent companions? That’s right - Krrsantan. 

Whether or not we will see Aphra on Disney+ remains to be seen, but she is too popular for the odds to not be in her favor. Krrsantan’s arrival should lead to Aphra, and it isn’t out of the question to think Aphra and her crew will star in their own Disney+ series.

This comic has been hot for years, but the BOBF will inject a dose of steroids on those FMVs. Yesterday, a raw copy sold for $150. A graded 9.8 brought $350 Tuesday, though that is below last year’s $431 FMV.

0-0-0 AND BT1


Speaking of Aphra’s teammates, it would make sense for 0-0-0 (aka, Triple Zero) and BT1 to follow Krrsantan into the Disney+ universe as well. These are fan favorites in waiting, and there is no doubt that Triple Zero and BT-1 will be major hits with the audience. Think of them as the anti-C3PO and R2D2. Evil and selfish all the way, they could be so much fun in a live-action series. More than likely, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are way ahead of us here.

Obviously, the main issue for these two droids is Darth Vader #3, but that’s not the only key to watch. Doctor Aphra #30 featured Triple Zero’s origin story, and that should put it on your radar. Granted, origin stories don’t typically earn high values, but it’s a much cheaper option than Vader #3. At the moment, you can get a Doctor Aphra #30 for around $5.



With all the awesomeness that is Black Krrsantan, it’s easy to forget about the Tusken Raiders and their assault on the train rolling through the Tatooine desert. While the train scenes highlighted Boba’s connection to the Tuskens, it also was a showcase for one particular standout in the battle. 

Once again, we see the mysterious Tusken Raider clothed in black robes and the remnants of what could be Clone War armor. The entire episode centered on this Tusken’s growing bond with Boba and how the two learned to respect one another. It also showcased their combat skills, specifically when the black-clad Raider mowed through the train. That leaves a big question: who is this person? As we learned when Boba got his black robe, the Tusken Raiders could be all manner of creatures under their wraps, including human. 

Last week, I explored the possibility of Darth Krayt being hidden among Boba Fett’s band of Sand People. This would make for the perfect introduction of Krayt, and the combat skills seemed on par with what we’ve seen from the Jedi over the years. As intriguing as that reveal would be, my guess is that it is actually Fennec Shand. From a story perspective, it would establish why Fennec is dedicated to helping Boba as well as why the two have such admiration for each other. It would also explore her past and further solidify the myth of the Tusken Raiders. 

Of course, there are other possibilities, as theorists are pointing out online. If that is indeed Clone-era armor on the Tusken in black, then it opens the door for a for a famous clone trooper. While Captain Rex would seem the most likely choice, especially considering his ties to Ahsoka, this could be the introduction of Commander Wolffe.

Wolffe was created for the Clone Wars comics, and he has yet to be seen in live-action. This powerful, battle-hardened commander has been rumored for Ahsoka’s show. Since Mandalorian, Book of Boba Fett, and Ahsoka all co-exist in the same timeframe, then we can expect plenty of crossovers between the three series. In fact, the first two episodes may have teased that already. Boba continually dreams about his days on Camino where the clone army was created. For Boba Fett to encounter another Jango clone, which would essentially be another version of himself, would help his backstory become more complex.

As far as collecting, Clone Wars #7 raw copies are not too hard on your budget. The last one went for $56 in October. 


Like The Mandalorian, BOBF is proving to be a hotbed for comic collecting. There is so much potential for this series, especially after Krrsantan appeared onscreen. I would not be surprised to see another new face in next week’s episode, and it will set the market on fire, no doubt.

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